The work we do helps separated families to explore and sustain new ways of retaining meaningful family relationships and contact.  As parents gain new insights into their actions and the impact on their children’s emotional wellbeing, they develop skills to prioritise their children’s needs ‘put their children first when they part’ whilst navigating complex life transitions.

For Children

  • Children experience positive, consistent, and sustainable attachment relationship with parents they no longer live with (non-resident parents).
  • Children retain sustainable contact with non-resident parent extended family members such e.g. Grandparents, Siblings.
  • Children experience a greater sense of belonging, positive sense of self, identity and self-esteem.
  • Children experience improved mental health demonstrated through reduced emotional, behavioural and psychological symptoms associated family breakdown.


For Parents

  • Separated parents experience improved communication , progressing to child focused long-term contact agreements between parents without the need for 3rd party interventions.
  • Separated parents develop a greater understanding of the impact of parental separation and their behaviour on their children.
  • Both separated parents experience improved and sustainable attachment relationship between parents and children.


For Community / Society

  • A more cohesive community.
  • A fairer and safer society.


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