Virtual Fundraising

With social distancing in place, there lots of creative ways to fundraise for us whilst following the UK government COVID-19 guidelines.

Your support will help save the Voice of the Child contact intervention and support centre and help us reach more children and families.

Here are some amazing social distancing virtual fundraising ideas you may host and ask people to donate a specified amount to enter, then share their videos or photos over social media:

  • Host a family group or individual dance challenge
  • Invite your friends to a gaming marathon and place bets on the winner – it’s a wonderful way to stay connected and have fun at the same time.
  • Host a family group or individual singing challenge
  • Host a virtual family or individual bake-off competition.
  • Host a virtual coffee morning with friends and family – grab a cuppa, a slice of cake and some games.
  • Challenge yourself to give up something or a habit, invite your friends and family to sponsor you
  • Host a virtual pub quiz
  • Get crafty and make homemade gifts, soap or cards at home. Send to your friends and family in the post and ask for a donation.
  • Declutter and sell any old clothes, gifts or books online – try Facebook Marketplace or eBay for charity.
  • If you can’t get outside to run, walk or swim as often or safely as you’d like, why not use your treadmill or even your back garden to clock up the miles? You can do live streams of your progress on social media.
  • Do the Distance Anyway – Record the miles you’ve run or cycled on one of the many free tracking apps you can use on your phone.
  • Birthday Fundraiser – If you have added your birthday to your Facebook profile, your friends will all be reminded of it on the day. Take advantage of this free publicity by fundraising for your birthday and request donations instead of gifts.
  • Online Wine and Cheese Tasting – If you or someone you know has a passion for wine and pairing it with delicious cheeses, host a wine tasting night and live stream it to a small group of paying participants.
  • Host a Workshop – If you are an expert at something and can teach others, take advantage of this trend and host an online workshop. You can sell tickets and get sign-ups on Eventbrite.
  • Virtual Disco – If you are a budding DJ (or you know someone who is) live stream a DJ set to fellow music fans


Individual Fundraising Challenges

There are lots of ways to seek sponsorship for challenges large and small. Whether you choose to travel miles for your challenge, or you pick an event that is run locally, you can ask friends, family and work colleagues to donate and support your chosen cause.

  • Running Events – Whether you opt for a 5k or an ultra-marathon, running events are a fantastic opportunity to ask for sponsorship, whatever your level of fitness.
  • Walk for Charity – If you don’t want to run, opt for a sponsored walk instead. You can set the route yourself and record it using one of the many apps available for your phone. Just look to Major Tom for inspiration!
  • Cycling Events – You can set a cycling route and distance and record it on your phone apps whilst raising money.
  • Shave Your Head – If you’re brave enough, why not shave your head for charity? Make sure you get someone to film it for you to share the footage on social media, along with the link to your fundraising page. Ask for sponsorship. Tag the charity in all your social posts and make the posts public, so that people who do not know you but support the same cause can sponsor you.
  • Quit Smoking – Even non-smokers are aware of how challenging it can be to kick a smoking habit, so this challenge will often inspire generous donations. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you in order to motivate you to quit for a month (which does not have to be Stoptober, it can be any month). You’ll find that it’s hard to cheat when people start giving you money to stop and you could even donate the money you don’t spend on cigarettes. By kicking the habit for a month, you may even find it easier to stop for good.
  • Dry January (or any month!) – The perfect way to get healthy and all for a worthy cause. As well as getting sponsorship for going dry, you can save up the money you would have spent down the pub and donate this at the end of the month too. 
    Top Tip - Get your friends and family involved in the challenge too. This will help to raise even more money and reduce the likelihood of you cheating!
  • Bean Bath – You may need to go to local wholesaler to get enough beans to fill a bath without bankrupting yourself, but this old school fundraising idea is bound to get the interest of your local paper.
  • Charity Dinner Party – Host your own Come Dine with Me event, charging your guests to taste your culinary delights. You could even inject a little competition and get friends and family to host their own as well, so you can score the evening and the cooking.
  • Shave Your Beard – Whether your beard is a recent addition, or you’ve been sporting one for years, people will pay good money to see it come off! Make sure you turn the shaving of the beard into an event itself so you can collect more donations on the day.
  • Movember – Growing a moustache for charity can be a wonderful team activity. Make sure you give plenty of notice so that those who want to be involved have plenty of time to start growing and grooming a fine moustache.
  • Sponsored Swim – Whether it’s outdoor wild swimming or using your local pool, swimming is a fantastic way of raising money for charity. You can organise your own attempt or join a pre-existing event in your local area or further afield.
  • Santa Run – Get up on Boxing Day and join thousands of people dressed as Santa and running off their festive excesses. Get your family involved and create a fundraising page to maximise the donations you can achieve.
  • Boxing Day Swim – If you’re feeling very brave, then why not take the plunge and take part in a Boxing Day swim?




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