UK Registered Charity No: 1135666

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About Voice of the Child

Voice of the Child is a registered charity that puts children first when parents part. It is our aim to prioritise the needs of children by supporting families and helping them stay connected throughout a separation, creating positive memories for children and young people.

Voice of the Child is an NACCC-accredited child contact centre that offers a friendly and neutral environment where contact services, including supervised and supported contact, are facilitated. Family support services are offered where individual support can be provided for children or for parents as well as to the family group. Through our advocacy service, we also provide independent support to children and young people who are at risk and in contact with local authority agencies.

Our History

Voice of the Child contact centre was originally setup in 2008, and subsequently became a UK-registered charity in April 2010. Its founder and current managing director, Connie Ojong, is an experienced and qualified child and family social worker with a background in psychotherapy. Connie recognised the needs of children who were more likely to be at risk of significant harm but fell below the threshold criteria for statutory support. In particular, her concern was for children of separating or separated families in conflict who were vulnerable to enduring emotional and psychological problems.

Our Team

Voice of the Child has a small team of approximately seven experienced professionals and a rolling team of five trainee social workers thanks to established partnerships with universities across Berkshire and London. By combining these resources with a management committee and volunteers, all aspects of the operations are covered.

Contact our children’s charity now, in Berkshire, for further details about the support we provide to children and families during traumas and separations.